死の外科医 トラファルガー・ロー

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Can we just talk about how awesome Vice-Admiral Tsuru is for a moment?

Apparently, she’s so intimidating and powerful that fourteen years ago, Donquixote Doflamingo himself grabbed his crew and skedaddled rather than confront her.

Please remember that this is the very same Donquixote Doflamingo who had very few compunctions in attacking an Admiral.

Vice-Admiral Tsuru is very cool, ok

(Also, I’m very upset that both MangaPanda and Mangastream didn’t translate Tsuru’s name. This particular translation comes from the lovely amaitsumi) 

Also the first time we do see her with Doflamingo, when Doflamingo is a warlord and is being a ass as usual, making marines fight each other she tells him of like a little kid 

awesome marine

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Favorite female characters: 20/??
Boa Hancock - One Piece

"Even if we have to deceive an entire country… I’ll never show any weaknesses! I won’t be controlled by anybody ever again…!

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Cavendish is already a prodigy at swordplay. But Hakuba is twice as strong, even! His predisposition to fall back asleep after appearing, though… is quite unsuitable for a contest-style match.

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